J.  M.   Lane   Appraisals     - Julie M. Lane, Professional Real Estate Services

While we provide services to lending institutions and other professionals seeking valuations, we also provide private individuals with a range of appraisal options:

Vacant Land Appraisal:  Prices start at $150 for property of  up to 1 acre in size. Priced according to acreage. Call or email for quote.

For Sale by Owner Appraisals: 
These are designed for customers wishing to make an offer on property for purchase or establishing an offering price of property for sale.

1. Summary Short Form appraisal:  Summary of pertinent data and final value of subject property.   $150

2. Summary Full Form appraisal: Includes photos of subject, summary of pertinent data, comparison property data and final value of subject property.   $250 [for properties less than 5 acres in size].
Pricing begins at $250 and would be subject to increase for factors such as living area over 4000 sf, large waterfront sites, Site size of greater than 5 acres. Subject to quote.

EMAIL: JLane@forsalebyownerappraisals.com to order or get quote

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